Our Approach – The Macro Difference

Macro Consultants consistently exceeds client expectations on projects of any magnitude. Macro elevates project management far above the over-used and under-inspiring standard of simply acting as a liaison or coordinator of information for the client.

Macro helps to oversee and conduct a process that can often involve dozens of service providers and contractors. The firm brings a disciplined approach of communication and team building to project management.

Using past experience to inform – rather than dictate – decisions made during a project, Macro guides the team in analyzing and considering all possible project variables and outcomes.

  • Business Continuity. Partnering with Macro allows clients to focus on their own business priorities without having to worry about the project details.
  • Flexibility. Macro can easily fill any position within the project team hierarchy – whether alongside the client for all decisions, partnering with the A&D team, or simply facilitating communication among the various vendors and trades.
  • Cost Savings and Avoidance. Macro identifies and subsequently eliminates costs that others may fail to recognize.
  • White Glove Service. Macro’s clients have come to expect an extraordinary and unmatched level of service from Macro on every project.
  • Responsiveness. Macro’s team is always just a phone call or email away, available 24/7.
  • Scalability. Macro has more than 50 professionals on its team, each one providing expertise in his/her specific field.
  • Presence. Daily on-site team presence led by experienced senior Macro executives translates to the mitigation of change orders and prevents impact to the project schedule.
  • Expertise. Macro’s in-house knowledge translates to accurate answers to all clients, provided on a timely basis, without relying upon third parties.
  • Experience. Macro’s project managers have an average of more than 20 years of experience.
  • Elimination of Inefficiencies. Acting as a single point of contact, Macro ensures all vendors, trades and project stakeholders are aligned in terms of schedules, responsibilities and tasks.
  • Schedule Control. Macro manages and enforces the agreed-upon project schedule to ensure a timely conclusion.
  • Risk Reduction – Macro anticipates – and plans around – every challenge that is bound to present itself.

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