Seth DeForest

Director, Business Development

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As a director of Business Development, Seth oversees Macro’s client relationship strategy management program. Seth brings to Macro a combined 20 years of industry experience including hands-on expertise in business development, marketing and sales. In his role, Seth builds on the Company’s 25-year proven track record of delivering exceptional results in Project Management for its clients by strengthening and growing Macro’s relationships.

Prior to joining Macro, Seth co-founded Boomerang Inc. in Philadelphia, providing pre-owned and decommissioned office furniture related services. Under Seth’s leadership, this start-up quickly earned a reputation for being an industry leader for premier pre-owned office furniture. Seth also took on a leadership role in Corporate Facilities, Inc. (CFI), a Knoll furniture dealership. It was in this dual role as Principal that Seth successfully re-enforced the sales and marketing efforts for these companies.

Seth has been an integral advisor and investor in several start-ups, helping expand their footprint and launch their brand. Under his direction, companies like BarVision and ZLED successfully ramped up and were able to expand their visions.

Seth graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Management.