Decommissioning Management

When a lease approaches its expiration date, misunderstandings can result in tremendous expenses and losses. By working with Macro Consultants, clients can rest assured there will be no outstanding lease issues, and every obligation regarding the decommissioning of the space will be met. This expertise is the result of having worked on both the landlord and tenant sides in hundreds of lease transactions.

Macro often begins by providing the most senior-level advice and counsel, to help a client determine which sites to maintain, and which to shut down.  If these decisions have already been made, Macro immediately moves into action to ensure all lease-end requirements are met.

With so much attention paid to the construction and move-in dates for the new space, the importance of proper decommissioning planning for the vacated space is often overlooked.  To help overcome this inadvertent shortfall, Macro identifies cost-avoidance opportunities; determines and negotiates as to what improvements can remain and which must be removed – including cabling, HVAC, lighting, woodwork, staircases, walls, and so on; and reduces or eliminates costs associated with the removal of unneeded assets, including the disposition or resale of furniture and equipment.

Working on the client’s behalf, Macro coordinates and manages internal teams and sub-contractors to ensure plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire safety systems are all in appropriate working order. By the time the premises must be vacated, Macro will have helped the client avoid significant cost overruns and unanticipated expenses resulting from disregarded schedules and commitments.