Fixed Asset Management

In today’s business world, public companies are typically required, by law, to have an on-going fixed asset management program in place.  Moreover, physical assets deliver value to organizations, their stakeholders and customers.  How an organization manages its fixed assets is critical.  Unfortunately, many are either ill-equipped to handle this complex task, or even worse, simply neglect the tracking of physical assets.

Macro Consultants provides the expertise, tools and processes to track and manage all categories of physical assets within an organization, across all departments, locations, facilities and business units. Macro helps organizations maximize asset value, creating greater operating efficiencies, and assuring compliance.

Macro helps design and implement policies and procedures for ongoing asset tracking – from initial physical verification to ongoing record-keeping – pivotal to complying with regulatory guidelines. Engaging with all levels of management and auditors, Macro works directly with the finance, accounting, IT and facilities departments to provide timely and accurate information regarding fixed assets. As a result, clients can meet their compliance and reporting needs, without duplicating efforts.