Furniture Management

Because it is seemingly the most manageable aspect of a project, furniture-related decisions are often based on a limited perspective. Since furniture becomes visible at the end of the project process, it is most vulnerable to skyrocketing costs, raised tensions and missed deadlines.

With an in-house furniture management team, Macro Consultants works with the architect and design team to ensure opportunities for cost-savings and cost-avoidance are identified; the design intent is reached within the budget; and desired functionality is achieved.

Macro becomes the single point-of-contact for all furniture vendors and a resource for current vendor information, providing expertise and support prior to dealer involvement and vendor selection; and buying power to afford the client better discounts.

Macro Consultants advises on all types of furniture purchases – including global standards and sourcing programs – identifying and tracking every cost savings opportunity. Having managed hundreds of millions of dollars in furniture purchases, Macro has the purchasing power to deliver tremendous savings to the client. Cost savings typically exceed Macro’s fees.