Owner/Tenant Representation

Managing a construction project is an incredibly challenging and time intensive task. As the client’s representative – whether the client is the tenant or the owner – Macro Consultants has the specific expertise and experience necessary to oversee the project from inception to completion. Macro resolves to both drive down costs and support clients with the many complications and headaches that are sure to come up during any capital project.

Treating the project site as if it were their own space, the professionals at Macro meticulously coordinate every detail of the planning, design, bidding, procurement, construction, and occupancy phases of a project.

Clients see additional cost savings when they engage Macro early on – often before other key vendors are involved – thus benefitting the most from the firm’s independent input and recommendations, as well as Macro’s leveraged purchasing power.

Macro continually places the client’s best interests at the center of every decision throughout the project, ensuring both budget and schedule remain uncompromised and aligned with the scope. That’s how Macro earned its reputation for often achieving the impossible, by bringing the client’s focused vision into reality.