Project Management Office (PMO)

Macro is here to help set your projects and organization up for success long term. Through our Project Management Office (PMO) services, we help organizations create best practice processes for both current and future projects.  The streamlined approach provides our clients with operational efficiencies and repeatable processes for their projects.

Macro’s PMO team works with clients to identify gaps in their project processes & procedures, such as scheduling, documentation, governance, and communications. By creating a centralized approach to manage project stakeholders, workgroups, and vendors, it ensures complete alignment on scope, process and project execution, at each phase within the project life cycle.

PMO implementation varies depending on size and scope of both the projects and the business. Macro is seasoned and capable of assisting in creating PMOs in Real Estate, Process Development, Procurement (e.g. RFQs/RFPs), Software Implementation (e.g. IWMS), and more.