Strategic Planning

Macro’s broad range of project experience benefits clients in many different ways, well before final site selection takes place or even before a “Go / No Go” decision is made. When working to develop new space standards, or to orchestrate a restack project, Macro acts as a liaison and information catalyst. Macro works in tandem with a client’s existing teams – user groups, HR, Real Estate, Facilities and other planning and design influencers – to leverage its four-pronged strategic planning approach to help clients best determine a course of action while balancing occupancy needs and design concepts.

Clients benefit from Macro’s rich heritage as an independent consultant, free of affiliation with any real estate firm, architect, or other vendor. While Macro works closely with internal client teams, client data are never owned by any third party.

As an independent consultant, Macro’s goals remain constant – to leverage its leadership position and deliver the highest level of data and insight, while working seamlessly with existing internal and external teams, assisting the client in making the best possible decisions.