Technology Management

With 99% uptime often viewed as “failure,” IT managers face some of the most demanding requirements within the operation of an organization. This critical and never-ending demand for perfection means that internal IT teams often do not have the bandwidth to take on the IT responsibilities that are related to capital projects or new infrastructure.

Add to that the disconnect that often exists between IT department executives and senior corporate management regarding when and how to “get IT involved” in a project. As a result, IT requirements and needs are often left unaddressed until late in the planning or implementation stages.  Many times, the best solutions become afterthoughts, made to fit into an already-established and agreed-upon project timeline and plan.

As experts in the IT field, and as trusted advisors and partners, Macro applies real-world experience to help ensure this disconnect is avoided.  By getting involved early in the project planning stages, Macro’s team of seasoned IT professionals can become the guardians of business continuity as it relates to the project, alleviating the client IT team from the additional responsibility of dealing with construction and other trade coordination.

Once project technology decisions are made, Macro takes an active role in coordinating the project’s IT needs with the overall program, ensuring IT managers are fully engaged in the decision-making process.  Clients often rely on Macro to negotiate the system support requirements into the lease, such as riser management and power cooling.  Macro also manages and verifies the logistics of all technology-related vendors, ensuring proper integration at all stages.