Top 10 National Architectural Firm 

“Unlike other Project Managers, Macro doesn’t just push paper. They create value. They pitched me saying they create value, and I thought it was a come-on line. But it’s not. You don’t realize how a project should be run until you have the Macro team working with you.”

– Senior Principal

Top 5 Global Media Company 

“I am fortunate, I have the ability to decide which project management firm we work with. There is only one name on my list. Macro. After working with them on four projects, I don’t even consider looking elsewhere. They set the standard. They are not the first firm I’ve worked with, but they will be the last.”

– President

Leading Global Media Company 

“By far, Macro Consultants is the best consultant I have ever worked with in my twenty plus year career.”

– Senior Facilities Executive

Top Non-Profit Institution 

“They save my company money. They protect my company’s interests. They take care of everything. They always keep me informed. I can trust them. Why would I go elsewhere for a Project Manager?”

– Chief Operational Officer

Financial Securities Company  

“Being responsible for a big project is no small task. I am in the midst of the third very large project I have taken on in my career. This is the first time I am using a Project Manager like Macro, and I can see how a project should really run. I can finally go home at night and have my weekends, knowing that somebody is as good as me, watching over my projects. Macro is like a security system. If I have a problem, I will hear about it. Macro is truly a leader. I love working with them.”

– Chief Financial Officer

Top 5 National Construction Company 

“As a Principal at a large construction company, I interact with many Project Management companies. Hands down, Macro sets the standard. What is unique is that the clients we share with Macro also rave about them. So, how do you get the clients to give accolades and also have the Construction firm respect them? The answer is that Macro is honest, knowledgeable, they do their work, they communicate well, and they respect the other team members.”

– Senior Partner

The Russo Group, LLC

“In an industry that can be challenging sometimes, with the variety of players and personalities, the three projects I’ve done with Macro have all been nothing short of positive. That’s because Macro knows how to work with everyone, achieving more with honey than with vinegar.”

– Robert Rabold, Chief Operating Officer

Orion Trading

“The Macro team is why we were able to get into our new offices within eight weeks and on budget. I’ve been doing this a long time and this is singularly the best experience I’ve ever had. Macro is better than any Project Manager I’ve ever used. The communication was spectacular and there wasn’t amoment that I felt at all concerned.”

– Brian McMahon, President

Bank Street College of Education

“Without Macro’s help, none of our projects would have been completed on-time or with such a superb finish. Macro knows how to work with contractors and get them to do their jobs right. The entire Macro team is incredibly professional. The value added to my projects is immeasurable.”

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of Macro and Bank Street working together. I have never even looked into getting another firm because I know I get honest and quality work from Macro.  Some of the jobs I have given them have been nearly impossible to work within the time frames and they have done a magnificent job every time.”

– Frank Nuara, Chief Operating Officer (2012)

The Nemec Agency, LLC

“I shudder to think what this project would be like without Macro. They are incredibly responsive and address issues before we even have a chance to know there’s a hiccup. Macro came in at the last minute on the job. We were so blown away by the team’s character, dignity and professionalism. They didn’t ‘pitch’ us; they partnered with us from the beginning, giving us their hearts and souls. I adore the Macro team.”

– Kathleen Nemec, Chief Operational Officer (2005)

Macro stands alone. I don’t think there is a comparison in the level of service that many others in the market give versus Macro. From our first experience, Macro really worked hard in making our lives easier, regardless of whether the project was large or small.”

– Kathleen Nemec, Chief Operational Officer (2012)

Duff & Phelps LLC

“We have worked with other project management firms but never to the level that Macro provides.  Macro provides stability, dependability and reliable metrics. I know when I call my team that they will be there. They will do the absolute best for me. They get me what I need, and present it back to me in something that I can print off and run in to the executive office.”

– Melissa Armenti, Director of Business Services

Forest City Ratner Companies

“We have utilized the services of Michael Fromm and his firm on various projects over the last eight years. They pay attention to the details, manage the costs, and work closely and effectively with our project teams. Macro Consultants is one of the best in this business.”

– Bruce C. Ratner, President & CEO

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

“Working with the Macro team allows me to focus on and make the major decisions. It’s easy to see the value and knowledge they bring to the table, especially when it comes to laying out cost-saving options. They are very well-connected and acknowledged as professionals within the industry. Macro is head and shoulders superior to other project managers I’ve hired in the past. Whereas others act as individuals, Macro works as a team.”

– Jeff Gabriel, Director, Corporate Real Estate

Long Island University

“Long Island University has worked closely with Michael Fromm and Macro Consultants on a series of very important capital projects. Modeling hard and soft costs, developing a sophisticated proforma, and anticipating the changes that usually occur in capital construction are highly technical but vital services required to construct a building on budget and on time. Mr. Fromm has provided us with expertise that did not exist within the organization and he has done this with sensitivity, unfailing good cheer, and a high degree of professionalism. He has won our trust and our affection.”

– Dr. David Steinberg, President